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About Us

Dear Ladies, Sirs;

I would like to introduce my selves to you with few words:

At the year of 1941 I was born in Malatya city, I came to İstanbul in 1957 a portion of my university schooling. I did a part in Vienna (Civil Engineer)/Austria and also part in Turkey (Architect)

I’v started my working life in İstanbul at the year of 1967.

Bayram Sahin had participated s a member and president of assocations, foundations and organizations:

- Member of Circle d’Orient Club
- Member of Businessman Assocation of Malatya City
- Member of Educational Foundation of Malatya City
- İstanbul Polaris Business Center / Chairman
- Chairman of various companies and organizations

Up the year of 1967 until to date has builded thousands of social housing, luxury housing, high-rise buildings. Industry constructions, various type of constructions, ecological and natural fertilizer and grain-fruit trial products industry factory, constructions materials trading facilites, ie, briefly the world and own country were identified human needs researches and developments, feasibility studies in various activities suc as:

- Less problamatic work-zoning of land, which land research on how to make an Project Works.
- Fosil waste of inorganic fertilizers, organic main material for making the rapid growth on agriculture sectors.
- Several business trips to China and realized business partnership agreements in Government based main companies the fields of Wind and Solar Energy.
- At the years of 2009, 2010 and 2011 I’m myself and my assistances have done several trips to Russia, Syria and Iraq which we are invited of serious state authorities to discuss for huge urban projects to evaluate.

If you get this great achievments at the auctions and at the neighboring and abroad countries to establish good relations be established between both our countries and make an important work of my party, will be a touchstone at the near futures of Sahin Group.

Yours truly,

Bayram Sahin