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Completed Projects

Capital Courtyard

We have carried out a consept of life that facilitates life, allowing you to save time, meeting the contemporary needs of life of the town-dweller, briefly; presenting you the life you dream about. A residental area within 17.000 m2 with all the details considered and full of special privileges. With 99 flats and 19 stores we have presented you a world meeting all kinds of needs and we will carry on presenting. Organic structuring compatible with the vividness of the nature. The most ideal materials for the targeted organic structures and the environmental planning. Travertine, natural stone, wooden front facing. Double glass aluminium, joinery from the ground to the ceiling. Landscaping planning to keep four seasons alive. With a site perimeter enclosed with walls matching the architectural structure, we have presented you an orderly project.

Kemer Vadi Residences

Having started its project in the year 2007 Kemer Vadi Residences have been completed in the agreed time. With its specific architecture and the interior plan with each frame evaluated carefully, a special home in which you feel happy and private at your fist step in that you would not think and deal with changing any part when you take the key in your hand and enter inside at the very moment you step in.

Maslak Polaris Center – A Type Teknological Building

One of teh most prestigious buildings of Maslak Polaris Center contruction has been carried out being planned as a totally 44.000 m2 and 34 floor A-Type technological building.